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MustGo Packing Tabs

MustGo Packing Tabs

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Proactively protects valuables in storage from musty odors caused by: mold, mildew, dampness, water damage and humidity for 12+ months.

MustGo Packing Tabs work by slowly and continuously emitting an invisible dry vapor which distributes and fills the airspace within sealed storage enclosures. The vapor is absorbed into materials through exposure during storage.

MustGo Packing Tabs are suitable for use in enclosed spaces such as: inside storage boxes, cabinets and drawers, safes, security vaults, garment bags, trunks, suitcases, shoes and purses. Also useful for enclosed spaces in vacation homes and vehicles, RVs and boats in storage.

MustGo Packing Tabs can be used inside storage boxes containing: clothing, bedding, garment bags, linens (and other soft goods), kitchen utensils, small appliances, books, photos, artwork, documents, leather purses and shoes, etc.

Protect your possessions in storage for less than a penny per day with MustGo Packing Tabs.

US Patent No. 11,877,576

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Water Damage

Supress musty odors in water damage situations and delay reoccurance.

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