About Us

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, MustGo Products is in the “solution chemistry” business. MustGo uses chemistry to develop unique solutions that solve musty odor problems. The firm's mission is to create products that eliminate and prevent musty odors.
Cliff Zlotnik, Founder/President


After being honorably discharged from the United State Marine Corps, Cliff began what would become a very successful career in disaster restoration and product development.


The field of disaster restoration has many inherent challenges, the most common is the permanent removal of noxious malodors. Cliff’s unique odor removal experiences inspired the efficient, practical and cost effective solutions he developed to combat malodors. From ordinary to the extraordinary, he has worked on thousands of projects from small apartments to high rise buildings, institutions and factories. His client list include: royalty, celebrities and work in Kuwait following Operation Desert Storm.


Cliff enjoys sharing his knowledge, expertise and unique point of view through presentations, training courses and podcasting to via Indoor Air Quality Radio.


Prior to enlisting in the US Marine Corps, Cliff worked in his family's pest control and deodorization businesses. In 1974, Cliff founded Unsmoke Services - an odor removal and specialty cleaning firm. In 1977, Cliff founded Unsmoke Systems, a manufacturer and vendor of odor control and specialty cleaning products. In 1980, along with other family members purchased Surco Products, a manufacturer of odor control products and systems and Microban Germicide Company a manufacturer of disinfectants and insecticides. In 1981, Cliff founded RESTORx an international franchiser of fire and water restoration services.


Cliff has many industry certifications and designations, including: CR-Certified Restorer, CMH-Certified Mechanical Systems Hygienist, WLS (Water Loss Specialist), Certified Restoration Technician, Certified Carpet Inspector to name a few.


In the cleaning and restoration industries, Cliff is often regarded as the "Godfather" of odor removal.


Cliff has held/currently holds several US Patents.